Looking for a delicious andfrothyvegan creamerfor your morning (and afternoon) coffee? I’ve got you covered! I’ve tried MANY dairy free creamers lately and I’m going to let you know what I think of all of them below!

4 different kinds of vegan coffee creamer lined p on a kitchen counter with a plant and chemex in the background by a tile backdrop

After doing Veganuary (going vegan for a month) this year, i’ve now tried a LOT of different vegan coffee creamers. As I’ve tried to cut more animal products from my diet over the past few years, my daily coffee has been a place of resistance for me. I LOVE a good creamy coffee and have stuck with simple half and half for a long time out of ease.


I also have a FULL video review of the creamers onInstagram,在这里您可以检查,如果你想要e:)

up close shot of a clear mug with frothed milk in it


So, without further ado, let’s make some coffee, shall we?


  1. Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk Creamer “The Oatmeal Cookie One”
  2. Nut Pods Almond + Coconut Caramel Creamer
  3. Nut Pods Almond + Coconut Hazelnut Creamer
  4. Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend
  5. Trader Joe’s Coconut + Almond Vanilla Creamer
  6. Plant Folk Coconut Creamer Original
  7. Natural Bliss Coconut Milk Creamer
并排图像。left: silk oat yeah coffee creamer on a kitchen counter. right image: that creamer in a clear mug and frothed

1. Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk Creamer

品尝: rather sweet and the oatmeal cookie flavor really comes through in a good way!
Texture: creamy and smooth and mixes well into the coffee
Overall rating: 10/ 10 (for a vegan creamer) YUM!

这是我到目前为止审判的绝对最喜欢的! The sweetness kind of threw me off at first and I wasn’t sure I liked it. However, I’ve since become obsessed and I’m pretty sure that I’ll keep this around all of the time! But if you’re not a sweet coffee person, this might not be for you.

carton of trader joes coconut creamer on a kitchen counter

2. Trader Joe’s Coconut & Almond Vanilla Creamer

Texture: Super creamy and smooth
泡沫ability: This one froths well and is pretty similar to what you would get from dairy cream.

This is my second favorite and my go to for daily use. I originally wanted to find a good PLAIN creamer that could replace my half-and-half but I actually like the vanilla flavor in this. Such a great all around creamer!


3. Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend

品尝: plain and most similar to dairy milk in my opinion
泡沫ability: this one is SUPER frothy and I love it for that. It’s particularly great for lattes and other foam drinks.
Overall rating: 9/10- overall great creamer

This was the most highly recommended creamer in my Instagram poll. It’s widely available (I’ve found it at most of my local grocery stores) and reasonably priced for how big the container is. When I’m using this for my daily coffee, this will last me multiple weeks!

并排图像。left: nut pods caramel coffee creamer on a kitchen counter. right image: that creamer in a clear mug and frothed


品尝: a bit sweet with the faintest taste of artificial sweetener to it
Texture: creamy and a bit thin
泡沫ability: this is the frothiest of all of the creamers that I tried and I like it for that reason alone.
Overall rating:7/10

This was probably the second most recommended creamer but I just wasn’t a huge fan. If it’s all I had, I’d be satisfied but I didn’t love it. The overall texture and foam is good but the taste was meh to me.


5. Plant Folk Coconut Creamer Original

品尝: super plain which I like for lattes etc
泡沫ability: this one was also pretty frothy
Overall rating:7/10

总的来说,这相当不错,但它并没有任何狂欢。我在Trader Joe随机拿起它,虽然没关系,但我可能不会再买它了。


6. Nut Pods Almond + Coconut Hazelnut Creamer

品尝: Super gross! This had an overwhelming artificial flavoring taste to me and I hated it.
Texture: similar to the other nutpods creamer, the texture was really nice
泡沫ability: Very frothy
Overall rating: 3/10

I just really hate this one. haha. It’s the only one that I just couldn’t finish and I usually love hazelnut flavored things.

7. Natural Bliss Coconut Milk Creamer

品尝: Plain
Texture: Smooth out of the bottle…
泡沫ability: not very frothy
Overall rating: 0/10

I’m not sure if it’s the acidity in the coffee I use or what but this creamer just curdled uncontrollably when I used it. I tried heating it at different temperatures before adding the coffee and several other things. I always ended up with slightly curdled coffee. BLEH